La Grande Finale

Proof that French makes everything sound a tad more epic? I haven’t posted here in a long while. Some people have noticed and emailed me about it. I’m going to be writing that wrong over at my new blog: naswho. Thanks for reading this one, if you did, and please go over there and follow … Continue reading

Nice music you’re makin’, baby!

UPDATE: There’s actually a mystery to the image below. I posted it a few days ago without any fanfare or whatever. So what can I tell you about it now? Well, first off, I’m sure most people who read this will find that it signifies good news. And I can tell you it’s got something … Continue reading

“Don’t astronauts get catheters?” – Part 2 of OppiKoppi. Sexy. Crooked. Teeth.

I have a friend who, more jokingly than anything else, reminded me to stop searching for metaphors in everything. This was in reference to a conversation we had when he asked me “So, how was OppiKoppi?” and I responded with my theory that it was some kind of summary of my life up until this … Continue reading