Durban: Life’s A Beach

You know you’ve hit Durban when the air has a flavour and the radio is playing Mike & The Mechanics on a Friday afternoon as if it’s something normal. Usually you can also recognize South Africa’s most humid holiday hotspot by the jungles of greenery that strangle every roadside hill. This year, however, and in … Continue reading

Nairobi, 24/7

When your older brother calls you up on a Saturday night, while you’re lying in bed, trying to sleep the drugs through your system so you can go out and do something counterproductive with your friends (although I forget what), and he says, “Hey. Wanna go to Kenya tomorrow?”, you say “Yes”. I did. So … Continue reading

Motherless in the Mother City

So about two weeks ago today I was in Cape Town. It was my first trip to South Africa’s so called Mother City. It certainly has more of the motherly qualities that Jo’burg lacks. I mean, I love Jo’burg, but Cape Town was like a warm hug compared to Jo’burg’s cold disinterest in its kids. … Continue reading