Homos ‘R Us

One night, in some bar-come-club, surrounded by some of the most liberal people I know, reality came in my face. These are the sorts of people who take drugs socially, frequently get naked in front of one another and, most importantly, would probably hump each others’ brains out if they didn’t subscribe (mostly) to that … Continue reading

“Don’t astronauts get catheters?” OppiKoppi. Sexy. Crooked. Teeth. 2010.

It’s been a week since my experience in the in-between place that is that farm in Northam. A week to process experiencing something like complete freedom. Oppikoppi is a lot of things to a lot of people: three days of mayhem, dirt, pain, seclusion, community and painfully holding in fecal matter. This was enough to … Continue reading

Nairobi, 24/7

When your older brother calls you up on a Saturday night, while you’re lying in bed, trying to sleep the drugs through your system so you can go out and do something counterproductive with your friends (although I forget what), and he says, “Hey. Wanna go to Kenya tomorrow?”, you say “Yes”. I did. So … Continue reading