So Haezer is still doing stuff

Local crowd-drawing electro DJ Haezer is still around out there, making awesome musiek and generally being loud and awesome. As if you didn’t know, you hip young South African, you! He’s released “Dominator”, a new EP featuring remixes by other awesome beatsters like KRFTKDZ and Black Dove Underground through an Italian label called Onion Records. … Continue reading

The Gardens took a while to get Rocked

As I reported/reminded sometime ago, New Young Pony Club were coming to South Africa. Then they did, and I was there to see it. I liked their first album back in 2007 and have yet to check out all of their 2010 release, but I knew I wanted to see them and get down to … Continue reading

New Young Pony Club are [still] coming to SA

This one’s a tad elderly, but I think it’s worth knowing about. Should’ve posted it a while ago, but forgive me, my internet’s been down and that always makes me lazy. Just like it says above, those bastions of British indie sex pop something-something hipster – New Young Pony Club – are coming to The ZA for the “Rocking The…” etc. festivals.