The Gardens took a while to get Rocked

As I reported/reminded sometime ago, New Young Pony Club were coming to South Africa. Then they did, and I was there to see it. I liked their first album back in 2007 and have yet to check out all of their 2010 release, but I knew I wanted to see them and get down to … Continue reading

What was the question again?

Last Thursday night I was standing in Westdene after watching Boo!. Friends and I were discussing the weekend’s plans. When I mentioned my plan to go check out Die Antwoord in Newtown, the reaction was lukewarm. “I’m so over zef,” somebody may have said. Were the zef thing the main draw card, I might have cared.

Things Die In Jo’burg

Why does going out in Jo’burg mean constant moving, shaking and abandoning things? If you’ve been going out in Jo’burg for the last few years, you may have noticed the swift turnover of crowds and customers at your favourite venue. It seems as if each new area, and its accompanying hangouts at first draw large … Continue reading