So Haezer is still doing stuff

Local crowd-drawing electro DJ Haezer is still around out there, making awesome musiek and generally being loud and awesome. As if you didn’t know, you hip young South African, you! He’s released “Dominator”, a new EP featuring remixes by other awesome beatsters like KRFTKDZ and Black Dove Underground through an Italian label called Onion Records.

Successo Internazionale!

What’s more, Haezer is off and away on another European tour alongside Felix Cartal, Le Petit Polous and Cyberpunkers. He was already there earlier this year, and did a stint in Oz as well. This latest tour takes him through Belgium, Germany, Spain and, of course, Italy.

It’s no real surprise that Haezer’s on the up-and-away train. He does some awesome stuff and the locals go absolutely out their minds when he’s in town. Here’s to another local product aligning itself with the international scene of things. We’ll just have to hope future Haezer gigs don’t smell like Italians. Check more from him over here and here.


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