New Young Pony Club are [still] coming to SA

This one’s a tad elderly, but I think it’s worth knowing about. Should’ve posted it a while ago, but forgive me, my internet’s been down and that always makes me lazy. Just like it says above, those bastions of British indie sex pop something-something hipster – New Young Pony Club – are coming to The ZA for the “Rocking The…” etc. festivals.

Here’s the gist of the release (what me writer?):

UK based disco punk band, New Young Pony Club, will be bringing their unique, new-wave energy to our South African shores by playing exclusively at Rocking the Daisies and Rocking the Gardens this October!!

With their brand new album “THE OPTIMIST”, forget everything you thought you knew about New Young Pony Club, because on their second album it’s all changed.

‘The Optimist’ is the sound of a band taking full control of their present and future, circumnavigating their own way. It’s an assured, deliciously adventurous next step for New Young Pony Club. Open your ears and have a listen.

I like to think they were taking full control of my aural faculties (and, occassionally, my genitals) with their last album, so I’m quite amped.

Catch NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB live in SA on the following 2 Exclusive Dates:

10pm on Main Stage

Emmarentia, Johannesburg

If anything, I’ll just be happy to go see them so I can creepily watch various faded hipster girls shake their tailfeathers all indie-like. The music should be fun, too.

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