“Don’t astronauts get catheters?” – Part 2 of OppiKoppi. Sexy. Crooked. Teeth.

I have a friend who, more jokingly than anything else, reminded me to stop searching for metaphors in everything. This was in reference to a conversation we had when he asked me “So, how was OppiKoppi?” and I responded with my theory that it was some kind of summary of my life up until this point. I was willing to admit, especially after the last post on this subject, that maybe I was taking it too far with these ideas that sound like the ravings of a mushroom-driven ‘trip’ down memory lane. But then I was at the movies and I saw the girl who inspired this post’s title and it returned that “Wizard of Oz” feeling to life. You know, where I’m Judy Garland (don’t read into that), waking from a dream…

“And you, and you, and you, and you were there.”

Now that that’s out of the way: Where was I?

Right. So Day 2 (technically it was Day 1 for me, but whatever) had kicked off with a trip to the stages, and it’s around then that I met Kavita (who I knew from, of all places, twitter) and Francois. Kavita wanted to bridge the gap between the digital world of feeds and witty comebacks with some face-to-face meetings with our little twitter commune. That meant she needed to find Craig, Preneil, Nicole, Liz, et al. (if none of these names mean anything to you, that’s alright). The ludicrous sensation that accompanies saying online usernames out loud wasn’t lost on any of us, but it was the only initial connection we had. Kavita took me to a table of people who were all, apparently, “from” twitter. Thankfully, the highlight of that particular event was a random guy from a nearby table shouting “Hey, Green Lantern!” to me (because of my t-shirt). In real world urban settings, this kind of public admittance of one’s geekiness is often frowned upon. At Oppi, we were just two guys being loud and obnoxious about something that most people weren’t going to get (or so I thought: a guy two tables down sheepishly smirked into his hand at the both of us). We stopped making comic geek eyes at one another before either of us asked the “Who’s your favourite Lantern?” question, stopping the moment exactly where it needed to end.

What followed was, as I like to remember it, a whirlwind adventure: We stopped by my camp for a bit to get supplies (or something) and made contact with one Justin Jacobie. Ironically, Justin was seated in our neighbours’ campsite, going it alone like the truly dark mastermind that he is. I’ve met this guy a couple times before Oppi, but I think the experience of marching around in the dust with him (especially on Day 3) served to cement his place in my ‘positive additions to my life’ column. What was supposed to be a brief pass at the camp became an hour-long conversation (interrupted so I could pee and re-meet some girl-people) that touched on everything from True Romance to Ian Curtis.

Once that was complete, we took to the streets like pilgrims, in search of Preneil’s campsite. This with the help of pretty specific directions courtesy of the day before’s smses. He wasn’t responding to his phone at this point, so there were no guarantees he’d be at camp. We finally found him – tucked behind the big Afrikaans guys with the shower, toilet and jacuzzi – after passing through some newly developing camp where an old man told us “why don’t you just stay here?” (Oppi – 1 Barriers – 0). At some point during the course of this day, we moved Kavita and Francois safely into our camp, where there was actual space to put up their tent, and because I knew how.

Day set into night, and we returned to the stages. I’m not even sure what I saw that night. All I remember clearly was Voodoo Child doing a pretty damn good job at the Levi’s Stage, and then it was lots of walking around. Up the hill, down the hill, to the Red Bull stage, then back down to the Cuervo tent. I may have seen some of PH Phat’s DJ set, which was, if I recall correctly, a freaking impressive mix of visuals and sounds that collided like solar energy and O2 in the atmosphere, setting fire to my brain. Things got confusing and, ultimately, it all led to a return to camp for a proper nap in my own tent. Having a whole tent to yourself is second only to sharing it with a lady friend (some of the time). I was, of course, rocking it solo, and that meant it was my (very sparsely decorated) domain.

The following morning, it came time to confront the showers.

More. Soon. Again. Promise.


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