Movie Night: She’s Out Of My League

On Tuesday, after a brief stop at the Gautrain station to drop off Greg’s girlfriend (don’t worry, he was there), we caught a bit of the Japan/Paraguay World Cup game. Meh. That’s all I can think of to say when I think about that game. This World Cup has seen a couple of unexpected twists, of which watching Japan and Paraguay play defense for 2 hours was the M. Night Shymalan-shaped “eff you” to fans (and non-fans) everywhere. Where was that famous Honda zeal? And aren’t South Americans supposed to be a bunch of hot-blooded sporting animals on the football pitch? Bah! It was all balls to me.

Japan and Paraguay beat the football fandom out of me for the day, so I (and Greg) decided to go to the movies. Our earlier stop at Cresta had revealed to us the evening’s lineup of films. There were only three I kinda-sorta wanted to see: Toy Story 3, Death At A Funeral, and She’s Out Of My League. The last one won out because I think Greg is afraid of animated characters, I’m scared of American remakes of British films, and we both saw a really hot blond on the movie poster. SOLD!

There may have been trailers before this movie, but I was distracted by too many advertisements and Cresta’s poor sound. I have this feeling that their cinemas aren’t soundproof, so they just use the speakers up front instead of the ones lining the walls next to you. If I wanted to watch a movie on a really big screen with regular sound, I’d sit at home in front of the expensive television my mom bought that we almost never use to its full potential (except during the World Cup; so thank you again, Japanaguay, for wasting a good HD broadcast).

Since I don’t remember the trailers, I’ll take this moment to complain about that stupid ad (for that car) with the two dogs. You know the one; with the big dog and the little dog making sounds and having weird human mouths. I often find myself staring at television advertisements and shrugging (then clawing my eyes out), because they make no sense. Over the years, I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that they’re not targeting me and I’m not going to find the appeal because I’m not black/white/old/young/single/married/smart/stupid or, in this case, a lover of LOLcatz. Regardless of that resignation from the aims of advertisers, I still can’t find it in my heart to just accept this ad. It’s bad and it makes no sense and I hate it. If you like it, you have a severe problem and should probably go buy tickets to see Marmaduke so you can flail your palms together and laugh hysterically at an all-star cast cashing their paychecks at your expense.


She’s Out Of My League is not a movie you haven’t seen before. Which is not to say it’s a remake. It’s just got a stock plot about the perfect woman and the inept guy and how love can bring even the most disparate personalities together because it’s an overpowering force for good. There’s also some nice, semi-realistic shpeel about self esteem, confidence and how hotness isn’t just in the face/body region. This gem of wisdom comes after you’ve watched an awkward geek somehow clumsily, and through much swift editing between stock scenes, woo a gorgeous and successful blond. So yeah, this film is not going to bring the Hollywood romantic revolution you’ve been dying for. Is it bad? Eh. No. I’d say it’s not. It’s actually surprisingly entertaining. I guess that’s because it’s riding on that wave of Judd Apatow-style (and often, Judd Apatow-produced) bromantic stories about men who share armchair wisdom and psychology while slinging one-liners at each other, interspersing their ridiculously natural dialog with the occasionally inventive use of a familiar curse word. Say what you will about this formula, and especially Hollywood’s big milking of it’s man-titty lately, but it’s mostly a win-win for the “macho” guys who wanna feel ‘ok’ while watching romances, and the “girly” girls who wanna feel ‘ok’ laughing at toilet humour (apparently you can’t be both). As always with these kinds of films, the supporting characters are where the fun is at. All except for maybe the best friend of the female lead, who seems too self-aware as she repeatedly looks into the camera and goes “duh” with her eyes.

If you like these sorts of movies, that normally star Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Jonah Hill, et al., She’s Out Of My League is probably for you. If you don’t like them, go watch Marmaduke, cos talking animals are motherfucking funny.

2 Responses to “Movie Night: She’s Out Of My League”
  1. Ivan The Burninator says:

    I remember seeing the Toyota ad you’re talking about for the first time and just feeling a rage coming over. I just couldn’t see what the hell the point was. Ugly ass dog, terrible SFX which looked like they were done by blind octogenarians from Chechnya and an overall nothingness which, I suppose, is the appeal of Toyota’s “we appeal to all with just enough money” attitude. The far more depressing revelation, upon our visit to see Hot Tub Time Machine you may recall, was that every middle class retard in the Northgate area at the cinema that evening thought that the ad was great. Nice review, but how many phat lips, Joe?

  2. Nas says:

    Yeah. The ad got the same chuckles at Cresta as it did in Northgate. Failure on the part of mankind is represented by two ugly dogs with people mouths. I don’t include a numerical rating because it’ll probably come back to bite me in the arse later; when a movie is worse/better than another one I won’t be able to adjust past ratings accordingly.

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