Do Writers Dream Of Electric Sheep? #2

I hate pointless posts at the blog, but I feel obliged to maintain some form of blog upkeep here, whether I have a loyal readership or not. I have to maintain some sort of routine or otherwise I lose all control.

This blog was never really meant to be about my life specifically, but I have one brief mildly relevant message to put up here that has something to do with the blog and my own life. Namely, I just got a job (which I’m already bad at), and I’ve been working on a lot more writing off the blog, so I may have even less time to sit around overthinking the way the world operates for your (if you’re ever really there) amusement.

Anyway, I promise that the next post will be up soon (hopefully this week) and will be about Jo’burg, and why it kills things.

Till then, Keep On Futurin’

One Response to “Do Writers Dream Of Electric Sheep? #2”
  1. Ivan says:

    So, why does Jo'burg kill things?I think it's because Jozi may be the most disporiented and fragmented place a place can possibly be. Or maybe it's because of the Jozi taxis?

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