Do Writers Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Nothing like some late night TV viewing to remind you of the lows of the human race.

If television was ever as popular with me as going out is now, I’m assuming it was probably back before I knew what a woman looked like. That is to say, I don’t spend much time watching TV. Despite its earlier appeal, I fail to see anything truly gripping or interesting on television anymore. All the television shows I might want to devote some time to (so, pretty much just LOST) are available through my friends – often seasons at a time – and so I can’t find a reason to sit down in front of the TV for too long before I want to sleep or groan or find a way to do both without people laughing at my death-like state.

So just a day ago, at somewhere approaching 3am, I stumbled upon – a long with a friend – the E! Entertainment channel on dstv (hey, they spell it all in lower case). I’m not saying this to, in any way, detract from my knowledge of this channel’s existence. I’m just saying “stumbled upon” because we basically arrived at that channel with no intent of stopping there. But then Extreme Hollywood, with its painful looking pubic waxing opening scene, caught our ‘early morning and I shouldn’t be thinking’ attention. As was stated during the event: “the indignity some people will go to”; this mostly in reference to the old American woman counting down before ripping hot wax from some other random woman’s ass crack.

Of course, we accounted for that indignity almost immediately by reminding ourselves of the positive outcomes of such procedures. Essentially this involved me pointing out that “so long as it’s clean, you don’t need to tell me how it got that way”.

But I digress, and heavily so.

The truly random and surprising element of this particular show was its section on the latest celebrity trends, with a focus on – deep breaths now, everyone – baby wigs. Wigs for babies. Donald Trump-style banana peel hairdos and post-black Michael Jackson spaghetti hair, but for your kids to wear. I don’t specifically care about this as a fad or a fashion statement, but it did remind me of another post I’d been working on. Saved somewhere within this site’s drafts section, I was discussing the impact that the modern Hollywood mythology has had on our society. It was about the nature of the relationship – in our minds, at least – between reality and fiction, and how one can replace the other through slow and even inadvertent indoctrination.

After a rather serious and lengthy discussion about the nature of non-platonic relationships at a get-together this evening, I feel it’s time to dust off that draft and bring it to the fore.

So, yes, this is essentially just a well phrased post about the fact that I’ll be reviving a heretofore unheard of other post that is more relevant. Humour me, folks: I like writing.


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