Dear God, I’m Never Sure If I’ve Annoyed You Enough or Not

It’s 16:14 where I live and Mother Earth is sleeping, just like she always does. She’s taken an overdose of prescription medication from God’s dispensary and she’s slipping into a coma over the millennia, choking on her own toxic bile. Despite this, she hasn’t asked anyone if they like the plants she’s wearing or if she looks fat in this cloud pattern. She’s the original indie kid, looking nowhere near as barren as her nine… natch, make that eight brothers and sisters. Meanwhile, on the surface of her skin, and bathing in her sweat, humanity looks around wondering what the other peons think.

Why are we so self conscious? Does it make life easier for us? I’ve tried examining people as if I weren’t one, but I soon realized that that’s exactly what people do anyway. Some people might call the little voice that nags at you in your head the word of God. I suppose that’s rather accurate, considering the amount of judgment that comes from that voice. It’s the same part of us that tells us what we want to be, why we want to be, and where we should go to be. But we rarely listen to it. Humanity, generation by passing generation, has become more and more content with the idea of letting everyone else tell us what to do. Our own opinions matter so little to us, and yet those are the ones that we should have built our identities around. Human beings form our identities using criteria from the universe around us. The most significant part of our identities should come from our own opinions, not the opinions of others. Unfortunately, we’ve let that aspect of ourselves go and given in to shaping ourselves from the stray thoughts of the people around us, especially the people we hate.

Now take a moment to think about an occasion where you’ve met someone and thought that they weren’t the kind of person you’d like to be around. Most times, your inner voice turns out to be right, and the person in question was an impudent jerk. Listening to that voice can work to save you a lot of heartache and boring conversation, and make things flow more like poetry. We all know this, because our inner voices remind us on a regular basis that you know you’re right. You usually do. Kurt Cobain told you so, and he was righter than you remember the first time you yelled “pain”. So why don’t we listen to the voice, and how have generations of rebels looking for cause let themselves give in to mass media conformity and did what everyone else thinks is cool?

Maybe the answer’s right there. The Earth hasn’t heard anyone calling, and it keeps listening to the voice, spinning for eternity, or until we stop caring. The Earth is God’s good little worshipper, and perhaps humanity, like disciples of Cain, have chosen a repetitive and more permanent form of rebellion. God whispers in our hearts and tells us to be good little individuals, so maybe the best way to stick it to the Big Man is to listen to our fellow humans? Jiminy Cricket always gave clearer advice anyway.


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